Driftwood Poem

Driftwood Poem
8th March 2019 Jane
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I love this poem sent to me recently by one of my customers.


Driftwood is all around this island
Washed up with the high tide’s shells and sand
And with each piece there comes a story
Of memories past and former glories
Of boats that sailed these Emerald seas
Of mighty Oaks sprung from Acorn seeds

And onto these stories Jane spins her talents
Along come the shoals and the sails at tangents
Along march the beach huts and the glorious views
In swirl the colours and spectacular hues
This “living art” ripples, so simple and true
From the hands of this artist, to me and to you

So thank heavens the fire service brought Jane to Jersey
And sparked off her talents for pottery and painting
Or this world would have missed all the fishes Jane’s “spawned”
Boats would have been burnt, a loss of beautiful art forms
Jersey zoo would not have received the support that Jane’s mustered
The gorillas’ enclosure would remain an old wooden structure
Macmillan would have missed out on those “coffee cup” wonders
Lives would not be touched by Jane’s “cupped emblem” funders

So, “Chapeau!” to Jane James for her sea art creations,
She’s sparked a love for our oceans that will span generations.

Jacqui Fisher
@ Puggle Poetry

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