5 top tips for collecting Driftwood

5 top tips for collecting Driftwood
16th February 2019 Jane
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I have been doing a lot of driftwood hunting this week following last weeks windy weather so I thought I would take this opportunity to give you my 5 top tips for collecting driftwood.

1. Watch the weather:

The weather is a great indicator of when driftwood might wash up. Look out for storms, high winds and weather fronts, these usually bring lots of driftwood, especially during the winter months. Also look at the direction of the wind and the storm fronts. This will tell you what areas and beaches the driftwood will be washed up on.

2. The early bird gets the worm:

Go out early to driftwood hunt before everyone else thinks of it. The best time is as soon as a storm has passed and as the tides falls.

3. Take something to help you carry all the driftwood:

Wood can be very heavy when it is soaked in seawater. Take a sack barrow or trolley and some strong bags to collect it in, so that you can easily take it back to the car. You always find the largest piece of driftwood when you are furthest from the car!!

4. Look out for gribble worm and other infestations:

Make sure there’s no holes in the driftwood you find. You don’t want to take uninvited critters home with you. Also check for soft rotten spots, when the driftwood dries it will just be crumbly.

5. Finally don’t just collect driftwood, pick up rubbish as well:

You will probably find lots of rubbish and plastics on the beach when you’re looking for driftwood. Help the marine environment and pick these up and put them in a bin at the same time.
My bonus tip is when you get your driftwood home give it a good scrub and jet wash. Then stack it crisscross, like the game Jenga, so the air can get between the pieces. Leave it outside to dry, you’ll be surprised how quickly it will dry, even in the winter.
Happy driftwood hunting ?

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