5 Top Coastal Inspired Ideas for this Autumn

5 Top Coastal Inspired Ideas for this Autumn
21st October 2019 Jane
In Coastal Design

With the nights drawing in and the temperatures dropping it’s time to bid farewell to the summer but this doesn’t have to mean you can’t still have a coastal themed interior or autumn coastal decor.

The autumn or the fall, as the Americans refer to it, provides some fun and imaginative opportunities to combine summer coastal designs with autumn colours and designs such as candles, pumpkins and softer hues of orange and yellow.

Hear are my five favourite coastal-inspired autumn ideas to use in your home now the summer has gone:

Autumn Coloured Coastal Things

Autumn gives the opportunity of not only using the traditional coastal colours of light blues, turquoise and greens but also the classic autumn colours of burnt orange, red and faded yellows. These can be merged together in your display. Choose coastal decorations like my orange fish, that have autumnal colours to blend with your coastal interiors.



Carve It Coastal

Pumpkin carving is a fun autumn activity and a family tradition for many. This year, why not ditch the scary pumpkin face and carve up something a little more coastal. Use a pen to draw on beach-themed designs like beach huts, sailboats, starfish, anchors, lighthouses, waves and fish. The carve them into your pumpkin for some perfect coastal themed lanterns. Here are some templates for you to download.

Driftwood Ghosts

This quick and easy DIY project uses black and white paint, driftwood and rope to create fun, dangling driftwood ghosts. Use it as a wind chime or as a piece to add a bit of beach charm to your traditional halloween decorations.



Displays and Table Settings


Create your own coastal autumn display and table setting with pumpkins, driftwood, shells, fruit and veggies. Put them into baskets, bowls, vases and plates. Such an arrangement can be used as a centrepiece or just for home decor.



So just because the summer has ended coastal designs and themed don’t have to be banished until next summer, they can still be incorporated into this seasons decor.

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